CLIK was conceived and established by a group of Bangalore based entrepreneurs as a unique consortium of all electronics industries in Karnataka way back in 1984 when the Electronics Industries began its first nascent steps as an entrepreneurial industry in India. Being a high tech and skilled industry, it fired the imagination of many young persons to start their own ventures but who were easily frustrated by the many bureaucratic procedures which were prevailing at that time. Entrepreneurs were grappling with the many restrictions placed on them due to the heavy import content nature of the products and conservation of foreign exchange of the country. So the industries were subjected to the Phased Manufacturing Program (PMP), Import Substitution Program, List Attestation, Priory Approvals, Reporting and Penalties. CLIK became the bridge between the Industries and the Government in establishing and easing the many complicated governmental procedures while mutually protecting both interest and goals Thus CLIK was the pioneer Industrial Association which became the trend-setter in finding ethical solutions for the Industry - Government interactions during the highly restrictive " License Raj " .

CLIK has seen the growth of the Electronics Industry in India starting from the " Transistor Age" , the ICs era and now the micro-controller & micro-processor decade, all the while playing no mean role in ensuring Bangalore earned its sobriety as the �Silicon Valley of India. CLIKs role has always been development in nature and maintaining a healthy Government - Industry relationship. Right from the beginning when CLIK re-designed the many forms and helped develop simpler but more effective statutory procedures in the Industries� Department , Commercial Taxes, Customs and Excise Departments and Registrar of Companies (ROC) and other various Government Departments and Utilities like Labour, Shops & Establishments, Electricity Boards , etc , CLIK has earned a name for being a progressive , development oriented association to which the Industry and Government can turn to look for solutions and guidance

CLIK has initiated many Services to the Industry and now with the Globalisation and Liberalisation, has been assisting the Industry in finding its rightful place in the global scheme of things. Among the various services CLIK has on offer , the most important is that CLIK is on the Advisory Board of various Departments and Agencies . So be it any Certification, clarifications or representation of a specific issue troubling a firm, CLIK gets it redressed at the appropriate forums. It helps in giving inputs before any new Industrial Policy is formulated and advices and assist Government in its own adaptation of new technologies

CLIK Services is now segmented into four categories as under:

  • Governmental : Under this , as mentioned above, CLIK interacts with the Government mainly in its role as a Advisory Member on various committees, the main ones being the Department of Industries and Commerce, as a Council member of KCTU � Karnataka Council for Technology Upgradation, Customs & Excise Department, etc. In various Governmental Departments and Agencies, CLIK takes up general and individual issues of firms and helps in finding mutually satisfying redressals.

  • Company: CLIK is in the process of reviving the earlier " Panel of Experts " Services where there are contracted a number of consultants and firms who are available to take up individual firm issues in areas of commercial tax, labour, customs & excise and Finance. While others are, mostly in problem solving, Bank Consultants will assist firms in getting adequate banking limits as well as in optimising functioning in inventory planning etc. This will be a great boon to all SMEs as in-adequate financing is the main hurdle for SMEs� growth prospects.

  • Developmental: Under this category will fall the many technical and marketing seminars and workshops , CLIK organizes at regular intervals to expose Industries to latest technical trends and open up markets in new geographies both domestic and overseas as well as emerging technologies and products. CLIK�s unique association with CBI- Centre for Imports, Netherlands has helped identify many member companies who were trained in various export requirements and introduced to the European Markets.

  • Database: Since knowledge is power in this age of information, CLIK maintains a large library of Information on various aspects relating to industry. These are disseminated through a regular News Letter as well as exhaustively compiled CLIK Directory. Plans are afoot to construct a on-line library which will the be easily accessible at the touch of a button . The Government also relies on CLIK to get a more authentic data on the electronics industry. The Jobs Database, is an unique initiative, which helps job hunters and employers to find matches.



  • Policy Advocacy : Being members on Government Departments for policy advocacy.

  • Cutting - Edge Tech Workshops : In areas like Embedded Systems, where participants learn the theory and also have hands on experience.

  • Seminars & Training Programs : Covering topics including Technology, Management & Quality, 5S and KAIZEN, CLIK Unwired � A one day seminar on Wireless trends and technologies, ISO & Quality Certifications, Product Safety accreditations by partnering with experts in the field, Technology Upgradation Programs : SAAS (Software as a Service),: In order to enhance the knowledge base of member enterprises, CLIK conducts training programs periodically inviting specialists and experts from the industry.

  • Entrepreneur Programs : like the Export Coaching Programs conducted by one of our partners, CBI, Netherlands (Bureau for the promotion of exports from developing countries into the European Union), Training Programs of CBI on various topics to facilitate exports to Europe.

  • Partnership Programs : To promote and assist the member enterprises, CLIK has a partnership program with organizations such as ZDH / SEQUA, Germany and CBI, Netherlands. With the help of such partnerships, CLIK regularly conducts focused, need based technical seminars on state-of-art technologies.

  • CLIKTRONIKA : CLIK's flagship event which occurs every two years, usually hosts an International Seminar / Conference on a relevant theme each time, and a Trade Show where SMEs can showcase their products, capabilities and services.: An exhibition to showcase enterprises in the electronic sector, once every two years in Bangalore, INDIA. It also arranges technical and management consultancy services alongside

  • e Waste : Management Assistance, as CLIK is a board member of the e waste group of the department.

  • CLIK Calibration Center : Offers calibration services with fast turnaround times. This is being extended to its member organizations at concessional rates. CLIK Calibration Center is in the process of obtaining NABL accreditation very shortly.

    • It includes like basic test equipment as well as hi tech instruments , telecom testing.
    • Calibration standards with basic accuracies going up to 20 ppm
    • All calibration standards are traceable to NIST/ETDC
    • CLIK members are eligible for a discount

    CLIK Calibration Centre offers its calibration services in the field of Electrical calibration covering equipments such as . Analog Multimeters, Panel meters, Digital Multimeters (upto 6 � Digit), ClampMeters, Temp Indicators & Controllers, Frequency Meters, Digital Ohm Meters, HVBD Testers, Meggers, Power supply, Watt Meters, Oscilloscope, Temperature calibrators & Power Harmonic Analyzers etc. For more information and tariffs, please contact CLIK.

CLIK IPR Cell : The cell has been established to educate and spread awareness about Intellectual Property rights and its relevance in the present global economic scenario. This cell is a facilitation cell which will provide free guidance and consultation with regard to all IP rights.

CLIKNET : A comprehensive publication directory of Indian electronic network.

National and International Trade Fairs : CLIK also participates in trade fairs through its partnerships with several organizers like Messe Munchen, Messe Hanover, Reed Exhibitions, etc so as to improve the business horizon of member enterprises by supporting their participation in national and international seminars / exhibitions.

CLIK Library : CLIK also has a well stocked magazine Library consisting of Foreign and Indian Technical Magazines, with back issues for use of members.

Trade delegations : Meeting Trade Delegations visiting India through our partners ZDH SEQUA, IGCC etc., as also visits to other countries to promote members' products and services.

Networking with industry & associations : Conducting joint programs with Chambers of Commerce within Karnataka, and from other states. Partnering with ITSMA, for mentoring, trade delegations etc.


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